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Our Track Record

When others talk about the web's "potential" for success, they say absolutely nothing about their specific experience or their ability to serve your needs.  On the other hand, our track record of success gives us the capability to help you reach your goals.

The reality is, if you're looking for a quality website and great customer service, you're going to need someone with real business and technical experience under their belts.

We've been creating web content full-time since 1994, with nearly 400 websites, more than 80,000 web pages (we stopped counting individual pages), and hundreds of custom scripts to our credit.

Ask the others to show you their body of work.  Check their portfolios.  Ask them how long they've been online.

Have they launched an average of 1.5 new websites each month for Almost 20 years?  Can they prove it?  We can!

We're experienced computer and Internet technology professionals.  With business and technology experience measured in decades, we run rings above the competition.

We understand budgets, deadlines, project-management challenges, and office politics.  As businesspeople ourselves, we speak your language -- the language of the businessperson.  You aren't going to get these benefits from a beginner, part-timer or amateur.

Even MORE Words
TALENT - We have FULL-TIME online experience that dates back to 1984.  We know what works and what doesn't.  We don't design websites around templates of any kind, so each site we create is unique.  We've been developing and hosting websites since 1994.  Most people who call themselves web developers today didn't know what the Internet was back then!

What Makes Us TRULY Different?
1) We've developed more than 300 websites since 1994.  And no, that's not a misprint.

2) We're real programmers with extensive programming experience.  Today's dynamic websites require these skills.

3) Résumés matter, and we're not afraid to share ours.
The Comparison Is Easy
FLEXIBILITY - We can handle just about everything you throw at us.  Our experience means we've probably done it before.  Whether your vision is large and complex, small and simple, large and simple, or small and complex, we have what it takes to get the job done.

DEPENDABILITY - We do what we say we're going to do, when we say we'll do it.  We're there when you need us.

And we can go even further...

EXPERIENCE - We're not beginners, part-timers, amateurs or students.  We're talented adults and seasoned industry professionals.  We know the terminology, and we have the tools.

PROFESSIONALISM - We're going to treat you with respect and dignity.  We're going to do the work you need to have done, and in a timely manner.  We're going to keep in constant touch as the project progresses.  And we don't disappear when the project is done!

THE STRAIGHT SCOOP - We don't hide behind "marketingspeak" to create a confusing or false impression of our skills.  We use plain English that the layman will understand and appreciate.

SPEED - From complete website design to development and ongoing maintenance, we get the job done quickly.  Most website updates can be in place by the end of the next business day.

AVAILABILITY - How does 24/7 e-mail customer support sound?  We're available late into the evenings by phone, and even on weekends & holidays.  WE'LL RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS QUICKLY!  Unlike others, we don't outsource our customer support either.  When you need to contact us, you'll get us!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - We make sure that every i is dotted and every t is crossed.

ALL Work Is Done


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