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We know these Policies are extensive, but that's the unfortunate nature of the world we live in.  It's in everyone's best interest to read and understand these Policies in their entirety.
These policies are in place to protect all involved parties.  By going forward with this Project, the Client acknowledges and agrees to the terms of these Policies in their entirety.

Effective: February 15, 2023
Today: June 18, 2024

Please Remember
Invoices are always Due In Full On Delivery unless other arrangements are made.

Paper Checks May Take A Few Days To Reach Our Address.  When mailing a check, be sure to send it in plenty of time to meet domain name regisration and hosting expiration dates.  Late payment may result in interruption or loss of service.

We Truly Appreciate Our Clients.  Not a day goes by when we remind ourselves that keeping you happy is the entire basis for our existence.

We provide a number of services for the convenience of our Clients.  Clearly there are some services that could be handled by the Client, but we have the accessibility, reliability, skill, talent, time, tools and experience to provide these services quickly and properly.  There's a value to the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your needs have been met.

· · There's A Lot Here, But We Have To Cover All Bases · ·

There's No Charge For Sales Calls, or Introductory Visits Within 50 Miles Of Grand Haven, MI

Web Development fees are by quote and vary from job to job, and so are not part of the labor rates below.  All other work is billed on an hourly basis.

Standard Labor Rate
Less than 15 minutes:$30.00
 More than 15 minutes:$30.00Per 1/4 hour* 
Labor Rate For On-Site Visits
Less than 30 minutes:$80.00
 More than 30 minutes:$40.00Per 1/4 hour* 
* Rounded To Nearest 1/4 Hour

Why Is The On-Site Labor Rate Higher?
  • Rising (RIDICULOUS!) fuel prices
  • Unproductive time spent in transit
  • Wear & tear on vehicle
  • Parking fees (where applicable)
  • Communications possible by phone or email
  • Digital materials can be delivered by email
  • Materials can be delivered by UPS/USPS/etc.

  • Domain Name Registration: $24.00/year (for most types)
    Details on domain name registrations may be found here.

    Website Hosting: $240.00/year (standard hosting plan, prepaid)
    Month-to-month hosting is billed at $24.00 per month, with a credit card on file with us.
    Details on hosting features may be found here.

    Phone Calls, Text And Email Communications Related To Technical Support Are Free

    Special Services Related To Domain Name Registrations and Website Hosting

    Special support services will normally be billed at our standard hourly rate, but may be negotiated if necessary.  This list is not meant to be all-inclusive:
    • Any kind of research requested by the Client
    • Recovery of domain names or account passwords lost due to Client error
    • Obtaining existing website code from another hosting provider by any method, whether by "screen scraping", FTP access, or direct communication with the other provider.
    • Uploading website acquired from another hosting provider to your hosting account on our servers
    If your website is hosted with us, these services are free:
    • Change the WHOIS record (Nameservers, Technical Contact).  We will require the Client's registrar login info to accomplish this.
    • Create email addresses or aliases, or forward email or web addresses.
    • Create or remove email autoresponders
    • Create or remove web address subdomains
    Basic editing for spelling, grammar and syntax is free.


    Any quote for larger website design and/or development projects will be billable.  This is because developing a comprehensive quote for a large website takes time.

    A larger job is any project that is expected to bill more than about $2,500.00 for design and development.

    The fee for quote development will be equal to 15% of the rough anticipated project total.

    Fees for website hosting, domain name registrations, SSL, etc. are not part of this figure.

    Fees for quote development will be credited to the job cost.

    Fees for quote development are non-refundable if the job doesn't go forward.

    This fee applies to new or existing websites.


    All website design and development projects will require an upfront payment of one-half of the anticipated billing before work will begin.

    New websites will not be launched until payment in full is received and successfully deposited to our bank.

    WEBSITE UPDATES (existing website)

    Smaller jobs with an anticipated billing of $200.00 or more will require an upfront payment equal to half of the anticipated project total before work will begin.

    Smaller jobs with an anticipated billing of less than $200.00 must be paid in full in advance.

    Website updates will "rolled back" if balance of payments due are not received within 3 business days of the job's completion.


    Hosting accounts will not be created until hosting fee is paid in full.

    If your renewal payment has not been received by the expiration of hosting, we will suspend the hosting account until payment is received.

    If your hosting account is suspended, a Restoration Fee of $100.00 will apply if paid within the first 30 calendar days.  This amount will rise to $150.00 after 30 calendar days.


    The domain name registration fee for the most common TLD's (.com, .org., .net, .us, etc.) are $24.00 per year.  See the WebSlingers website for other TLD registration fees

    We will help you research up to four domain names at no charge.  A one-time $80.00 fee will apply if you want to research more than four domain names.

    This fee is due in advance, and is not refundable.  If you register any domain names, this fee will be applied to the registration of those domain names.

    New domain names will not be registered until registration payment has been received.

    Discounted multiple-year registrations are available, and must be paid in advance.


    Barring unusual circumstances, we will typically renew your domain name registration(s) automatically just before expiration.

    If payment has not been received by the domain name's expiration date, the domain name will be rendered inoperable until payment is received.

    If your domain name is suspended, a Restoration Fee of $100.00 will apply if paid within the first 30 days.  This amount will rise to $150.00 after 30 days.

    If you haven't paid for your domain name renewal within 60 days of its expiration, we will consider it abandoned and may elect to hold it for our use, abandon it, or sell it to another party at our discretion.


    Invoices are always sent by email unless other arrangements are made. Invoices will be sent by PDF format.  You'll need Adobe's PDF reader to view these documents.  Contact us for assistance.

    Invoices for renewals of domain name(s) and/or hosting account(s) will be sent 30 calendar days prior to expiration.

    Invoices for Start of Work payments will be sent immediately upon Client's verbal or written approval of our quote

    Work will not begin until the Start of Work payment is received.

    Final Invoice will be sent upon completion of work.

    Website will not be launched until Final Invoice payment is received.


    All invoices are due in full immediately upon delivery of the invoice.

    All payments will be made in U.S. Dollars.  Payments must be made promptly based on these Terms and Conditions, in combination with the WebSlingers Project Quote, which will together become a part of this Contract.

    For web development projects, your Start of Work payment signifies your acceptance with the referenced quote and all terms contained therein.

    For web development projects, payment of the Final Invoice signifies your acceptance of all work.

    Website hosting and domain name renewals must be paid by their anniversary date to ensure continuity of service.

    Payments will be applied to the Client's oldest invoice.

    Payments may be made online with a valid credit card via the WebSlingers website.

    Personal or business checks or postal money orders may also be used, and must be issued in U.S. dollars for the full and precise amount required at that time.

    Cashier's checks will be accepted only after prior arrangement and if your bank has a branch local to the Grand Rapids, MI area.

    Credit for payments made by check, postal money order or cashier's check will be delayed until the funds are successfully deposited to our bank account, which may delay your usage of the service.

    Funds may be wired inter-bank ACH with prior arrangement.

    Payments by Western Union will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

    Any mailing delays will delay start of work.

    Any check returned for Insufficient Funds will result in a $80.00 bounced check fee, and no work will take place until this fee is paid.

    A PayPal account is required to set up recurring payments.

    WebSlingers reserves the right to stop work and/or remove any Web Development Project, in part or in its entirety, from being viewed on the World Wide Web until full payment is received.


    Account setup fees are not refundable.

    Domain name registration/renewal fees are not refundable.

    Charges for web development or any other services already performed are not refundable.

    Fees paid by WebSlingers in good faith to third parties in the name of the Client are not refundable if the third party doesn't permit refunds.

    If we terminate your hosting service for policy violation, then there will be no refunds.

    If you terminate your hosting service before it expires, we may, at our discretion, refund the unused hosting balance.

    Annual SSL (Secure Server) fees are not refundable.

    WebSlingers will not incur any penalty due to any failure on the part of the Client or any other third party hired by Client, including but not limited to, e-commerce vendors, graphic artists, hosting services and domain name registrars, which causes a delay or difficulty in executing the project.  This could include failure to respond in a timely manner to questions or requests by WebSlingers to the Client or to any third-party service provider.

    Other refunds may be given on a very strict case-by-case basis.

    Chargebacks may be met with full legal methods to collect monies due to WebSlingers Web Development for services contracted.


    In case collection action becomes necessary, the Client agrees to pay all fees (including all attorney's fees and court costs) incurred by that process.

    Please Feel Free To Contact Us At Any Time
    Florida: 407-434-WEBZ
    Michigan: 616-846-4322
    Tennessee: 615-301-1633

    ALL Work Is Done


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